Uncovering Colorado’s Avian Treasures

North Sterling State Park
North Sterling State Park

Attention bird enthusiasts! The Pioneering Plains of Eastern Colorado offer a treasure trove of birdwatching opportunities, with diverse habitats that attract a wide variety of avian species. From the serenity of wetlands to the rugged beauty of grasslands, these prime birding locations are perfect for reconnecting with nature, honing your bird identification skills and spotting some of Colorado’s most magnificent feathered friends.

Jumbo Reservoir State Wildlife Area: A Serene Sanctuary

Nestled near the charming town of Julesburg, the Jumbo Reservoir State Wildlife Area is a haven for both migratory and resident bird species. With over 1,700 acres of riparian habitat, you’ll find an abundance of waterfowl, wading birds and even the occasional bald eagle. Don’t miss the chance to spot the American white pelican during migration season!

Bonny Reservoir: An Avian Oasis

Located near the town of Burlington, Bonny Reservoir boasts an impressive variety of bird species in its diverse ecosystems. With grasslands, wetlands, and woodlands, this birding hotspot is home to the elusive greater prairie-chicken, sandhill cranes and various songbirds. Keep your binoculars at the ready for a glimpse of the striking red-headed woodpecker!

North Sterling State Park: A Picturesque Birding Haven

Situated near the city of Sterling, North Sterling State Park offers fantastic birding opportunities amidst breathtaking landscapes. The park’s diverse habitats attract waterfowl, shorebirds, and raptors, making it an ideal location for birders of all levels. Be sure to visit during the spring and fall migration seasons for the best chances of spotting rare and unique species!

Brush Memorial Park: A Charming Escape

Located in the heart of Brush, Brush Memorial Park is a charming green space with a diverse selection of bird species. Stroll along the park’s meandering trails and admire the lovely mix of urban and natural environments. Look out for the American goldfinch, western kingbird, and northern flicker as you explore this delightful park.

Prewitt Reservoir State Wildlife Area: A Birdwatcher’s Dream

Just a stone’s throw from Brush and Sterling in Merino, the Prewitt Reservoir State Wildlife Area is a birdwatcher’s dream. With its expansive reservoir and marshy wetlands, this area attracts an array of waterfowl and wading birds, including the stunning white-faced ibis and the iconic great blue heron. Don’t forget to pack your camera for this picturesque birding location!

When embarking on your birding adventure in Eastern Colorado’s Pioneering Plains, consider these tips:

  • Pack your binoculars, a field guide, and a notebook to document your sightings.
  • Dress in layers and wear comfortable, weather-appropriate clothing.
  • Keep a respectful distance from nesting birds and avoid disturbing their habitats.
  • Practice patience and stay quiet to maximize your chances of spotting elusive species.
  • Share your sightings with local birding groups and contribute to citizen science initiatives.

With its diverse habitats and charming local towns, the Pioneering Plains of Eastern Colorado are a birdwatcher’s paradise. So, grab your binoculars, lace up your hiking boots, and embark on an unforgettable birding adventure in the heart of Colorado’s Pioneering Plains.